Act number two in 40acts for lent is

This Lent, set aside a generosity jar and commit to putting in a small amount daily or whenever you have spare change.

Now we already have an ikea plastic tub which I clear out all the the copper and 5p coins from my purse into regularly.  It’s known as our “charity box” because we let it build up and then use it to buy things for the local food bank, or give it to another charity.  This plastic box is far from pretty though so I have today transferred it into a preserving jar and wrapped a bit of ribbon around it.  We now have our generosity jar and I have cleared my purse out of everything smaller than £1 into it to top it up a little and will make a point of doing this on a daily basis nowGenerosity

So onto yesterday’s work.  I bought some cotton jersey fabric a while back to make baby pajamas to add to my friends baby shower package.  I’ve never worked with stretch fabrics much before so it was a bit of a daunting prospect.  I had done a bit of reading and researching on how to deal with the fabric and definitely learnt from others mistakes.  Now they’re not perfect, but I am rather pleased with how these turned out


First time working with knit fabric

Inspired by my success and having fallen in love with the pattern I grabbed some fabrics left over from another project and measured up to see if I had enough left to make a top out of each.  May have to buy a little extra of each of these fabrics now to make matching pajama pants to go with them because I absolutely adore how these ones have turned out!  Robert Kaufman fabrics are my absolute favourite prints at the minute and this soft cotton flannel is perfect for snuggly Pjs.


Baby pajama tops made from leftover fabric from another project

Today’s work plan is to make some baby shoes for the baby shower package and  then I may have to see if I have enough trimmings of the above fabric left to make some slippers or scratch mitts.

Until next time…


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