Tooling Up

Day 3 of 40Acts has set us the following challenge

Create a list of the tools you have at your disposal: it might include your creative mind, your enthusiasm, your computer skills, or your savings. Then, use one item on your list to bless someone today

So I may add to this later, but my “tools list” of things I think I am good at looks like this

  • cooking
  • sewing
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • encouraging
  • caring
  • listening

There’s a lovely lady from church who has been a total blessing to me and many many others and has become a lovely friend checking in on me from time to time.  She loves my sewing, so today I am going to make her a little something to bless her with to say thank you for all that she is and does.

So yesterday my plan was to make some more things to add to the baby package.  I managed to squeeze a pair of slippers and scratch mitts out of the leftover fabric from making the pajama tops.  Am still waiting for the extra fabric to make the bottoms out of to arrive though which is a little frustrating.  Hopefully that will turn up tomorrow now.

Slippers and scratch mitts

Slippers and scratch mitts

Have a couple of twin needles for my sewing machine which I have inherited so I’d like to have a play with those today and teach myself a new skill.  I think I’m really enjoying this sewing journey, there’s so much to learn and new skills to try I’m never getting bored and with each passing day I am getting better and better.  Dress making is still something I need to really start thinking about.  Making little baby clothes is fine, but I would like to try my hand at more dress making with different fabrics so I shall probably start doing a bit more research into that now.

Until next time x


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