Fresh start for Lent

I have signed up to 40Acts this lent and Act #1 is to Create a journal and begin Lent with a gratitude list.  Today therefore seems to be a perfect time to start my blogging life so we’ll start with the above and then I shall go on with the rest of things I’d like to share.

Today I am thankful for my friends, family, church, health, my skills and talents, the fact my hobby is my job, our fabulous home and those few things are just the beginning of a very long list.  I have so very many things to be thankful for.

I do have a wish list of people I would specifically like to bless during Lent, a couple of lovely facebook friends who I won’t mention by name incase they read this, my husband, a lady from Church who has been a very real blessing to me, and two fabulous friends who are going through some very exciting but scary times at the moment.

Generosity is something I have, I hope, become quite good at.  I often give away little gifts on my Celery Crafts business page, customers love a freebie and it’s all good marketing.  I have recently discovered “The Giving Bunny Project” too and have released a few little handmade bunnies from scrap materials into the wild, all of which have been snapped up and are in new homes now. Image

Today’s work plans are to make another marble maze, and to research some more little bits for the parcel I am putting together for a friend’s baby shower.  So far we have a cute little hat, an appliquéd onesie, some bandana style dribble bibs and a little butterfly toy that has wings that make a crinkle sound.  I think I’d like to add some shoes and pajamas to the parcel, and possibly a snuggly blanket of some sort.  Will share photos of the package as and when I complete it all.

I think I’ve shared enough for my first post and the post office run is calling me.  I am sending my first marble maze out to a facebook  friend for product testing purposes.

Until next time x